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🌟 2-22 Light Leaders Activation ~ Peace & Abundance Manifestation Gridding Event
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🌟 2-22 Light Leaders Activation ~ Peace & Abundance Manifestation Gridding Event

  • Lisa Ma & Aimee Mosco
  • Online Event - Please RSVP Now! to get the Event's link
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You're invited to receive the gift of manifestation on 2-22 @ 3:33pm ET!

Join us for the Light Leaders Activation ~ Manifestation Gridding event to raise vibrations & harness group manifestation together. Our intention is to heart activate a collective vibrational field of peace, harmony and unity to shift to highest reality to manifest peace & abundance together.

🌟 2-22 Light Leaders Activation ~ Peace & Abundance Manifestation Gridding Event 🌟

Presented In Partnership By: StrongerTogetherX Peace Cafe & IHS Unity

Co-hosted by Intuitive Activators: Aimee Mosco & Lisa Ma

2-22-23 12:33pm PT | 3:33pm ET | 9:33pm CET

Event Flow

  • Welcome Intentions & Spotlights ~ Lisa Ma & Aimee Mosco (15 mins)
  • Intuitive Energy Clearing Heart Activation ~ Lisa Ma (20 mins)
  • Peace & Abundance Manifestation Gridding ~ Aimee Mosco (30 mins)
  • Gift Giveaway to 1st Winner (5 mins)
  • Virtual Breakout Connections (20 mins)

RSVP now to be connected!

You will receive manifestation gridding materials prior to the event upon registration.

Register on Zoom:


Golden Rule of Reciprocity: Exchange of Gifts

This is a Gift Exchange Activation event where participants can choose one of these energetic exchange option:

👉 1) Offer a gift into the Gift Exchange Forum here.

👉 2) Donate $33 to support mission projects here.

👉 3) Become a Peace Cafe Wellness member to unlock WIN-WIN-WINs here.

*Gifts to be raffled off to support Peace Cafe mission projects. 1st winner to be selected at the Manifestation Circle on 2-22-23. More winners to be announced at the Wisdom Circle on 3-1-23.

You Will Receive These Gifts At The Event

  1. Gift of group energy clearing, healing & heart activation
  2. Gift of inner peace as we hold space to raise collective conscious together
  3. Gift of manifestation with high vibrational light leaders & energy workers
  4. Peace & Abundance manifestation gridding materials with guided techniques
  5. Meaning connections with conscious leaders
  6. Chance to WIN a Gift Giveaway

Looking forward to raising vibrations & manifesting together! 🕊

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